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Receiving an A+ Rating from the Business Bureau

In Simple Tree Pruning, we give priority to our customers. The Business Bureau works on the same principle. So every year we gain their maximum rating of A+ for Tree Pruning Services. This speaks so much of our being a certified Arborist and a licensed contractor in the area.

Licensed and Insured

It is not safe for a property owner to employ a tree service company which does not have the proper and necessary license and insurance. This may lead to costly legal proceedings. In addition, your property insurance may be charged for an injured worker within your property.

Without an appropriate license, it would be hard to differentiate between a reliable and reputable firm and one who is not. We are a stable arborist company with a very good name in the industry.

Certified Arborists and Qualified Tree Workers

Committing your trees and property to a qualified arborist company backed up by years of experience and commitment is a wise decision. A certified arborist is an expert on tree services. He is a professional who has received significant training and assessment in the field of Arboriculture.

In addition, a certified arborist continues to undergo training and certification to keep him abreast with the latest practices in tree services. This only proves that we have all the education and knowledge to look after your trees properly.

Over 30 Years of Being in the Business

Our experience in the field is priceless to our customers. This is because every day we make many decisions on how to care for your property, landscape, and trees. We have more than four decades of experience to back up our every decision. This is to ensure that we deliver only the best tree services available. We understand the needs of the trees in the neighborhood. Call at 888-630-5554 today to hire us!

Young Tree Pruning or developmental Tree Pruning, as some call it, is a type of pruning done to enhance structure. This is a very important process to make sure that your new plantings will have attractive structural integrity and architecture.

Pruning your trees properly while they are young can trim down any costly problems in the future and avoid the need for structural support as your landscape develops.

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